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by Thumbnail

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The nails have been pried and the beast unleashed. Uncontainable and unquestionably an essential piece of File 13's history, Thumbnail's full-length That Static (FT 30), became available in the summer of 2001, nearly three years after its conception. Having left their legacy to indie lore and legend after dissipating in '98, That Static breathes a thick, sonic fire into the bellies of starved fans of an era passed and appropriately relevant today.

While the second-coming of punk rock spread itself fast and thin through mainstream culture in 1991, a tiny, Knoxville, TN kitchen became a safe haven for three musicians. Architect student Jason Morris found an immediate affinity in Little Rock transplant David Burns after learning that his classmate played drums in Chino Horde and founded File 13. With the addition of fellow sympathizer Justin Sinkovich, by the winter of '92 the trio had knocked out a two-song 7' (FT 8) for their first of five File 13 releases.

After the release of their second 7" The Sound of Thumbnail (FT 13) and the demise of Chino Horde the following year, Thumbnail spent their winter and summer school breaks crossing the country pioneering their brand of brash, technical punk-rock. Thumbnail entered the studio in September of '94 to record their monumental self-titled LP (FT16).

Thumbnail left File 13 in the summer of '95 releasing a split LP and touring extensively with Harriet the Spy (FT21) contributing a song to We've Lost Beauty (FT20), and adding former Chino Horde guitarist Steve Schmidt to the line-up on bass.

Thumbnail remixed and remastered their first full-length and recording a single called "The Sound of Tomorrow Today" with Mark Trombino (Drive Like Jehu) for Headhunter in the fall of '96. The re-release of the first album is actually missing the song 'Hajj' from the original F13 release because the tracks were erased in the studio and could not be remixed. Soon after, Thumbnail spent two weeks with Trombino creating their second and only true Headhunter album, Red Dead. After much touring in support, the quartet relocated to Chicago in the late-summer of '97.

Going against post-rock posturing throughout Chicago and much of the rest of the country's underground at that time, Thumbnail abandoned most math-rock tendencies and honed in on an abrasively raw sound. Teetering somewhere between the rock of Chavez and the metal of Sabbath, Thumbnail documented their third and final full-length That Static with Greg Norman at Uber Studio and Truckstop Studio. Norman helped capture weeks of analog limits in ten songs phased in Morris and Sinkovich's dueling guitar leads, Schmidt's signature bass growl, and Burn's blistering drum sound.

By the time That Static was finished in December of '98, Sinkovich and Burns' involvement in Atombombpocketknife and other interests for all four members caused Thumbnail to part. Years later, it took little persuasion for File 13 to release this posthumous album and even less for the Thumbnail to reconvene to support the album in playing live. Unfortunately, the brief tour planned in support of That Static was cancelled due to closed airports and missed flights immediately after the September 11 disaster, preventing Thumbnail from meeting in Chicago.


released July 31, 2001



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Thumbnail Chicago, Illinois

In 1991 Thumbnail initiated a plot to transcend the mediocrity of artists, musicians, and the media. They released two seven-inch records, a split LP with Harriet the Spy, and an LP on File 13 Records. Cargo / Headhunter Records then re-released their first LP and also released their second. Thumbnail returned to File 13 to release their third and final album 'That Static' before they disbanded. ... more

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